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Can the new Yamaha R25 beat Kawasaki Ninja 250R in Indonesia? 20 May 2014

Posted by The Naked Rider in Artikel.

R25 new

After being waited for many months, at last Yamaha unmasked their new R 25 on the edge of Lake Toba today. It was so much precisely with my previous description to what it would look like. Pointy face which was designed to get rid as much as the air efficiently while speeding. The body stripe is the direct descendant of Yamaha racing team striping and available in racing blue, black and red. If you are amongst the first 5 buyers, you will get a nice expensive leather jacket and for the first 250 buyers Yamaha provide a nice AGV helmet.

Since this bike is expected to slowing down Kawasaki Ninja 250R (KN250) sales numbers, lets we make a simple comparation. R 25 is a bit longer (2090mm vs 2010mm), with the same width (720mm), a little bit taller (1135mm vs 1110mm) and weigh 6 kg less than KN250. This bike is armed with twin cylinder 8-valve 250cc engine which was claimed is able to boost as much as a stunning 36bhp power (KN250, 32bhp) with 22,1nM torque. Theoretically Yamaha R25 is pretty much superior than its rival, KN 250.

The golden question is, could it be more demanded than the KN250? Let see.

Unlike moped, matic scooter and motor sport (150cc & below) consumers which are the more heterogeneous segment, the premium 250 cc motorcycle consumers are much more homogenous. In Indonesia, Kawasaki brand image dominate the mind-set of this segment so that Honda and Suzuki efforts to penetrate into this segment by theirs CBR250R and Inazuma 250 get unsatisfactory results.

For that, if Yamaha really want to be successful in marketing their R 25 bike and place it on the consumers top of mind in this premium segment, they should aware to apply different strategy to previously Honda and Suzuki strategies.

KN250 consumers itself are so unique and had basic assumption that Kawasaki motorcycles have greater emotional value compare to other brands. Users of KN250 FI edition itself are usually former user of KN250 carburetor edition. They consider the pride when riding the Kawasaki Ninja is different to other motorcycles.

Came to my understanding that Yamaha strategy should be more than creating another cliché gimmicks such as giving away AGV helmet or leather jacket or even (if) they bring in the famous Yamaha brand ambassador Valentino Rossi here to Indonesia. Without Rossi every motorcycle freak should already know that the R25 is a very powerful and fast motorcycle. Again, different to moped, matic scooter and motor sport 150 cc users that always eager to know and showing off which brand is more faster, the premium bike users such as KN250 or CBR250R or Inazuma are not regular motorcycle freak which are loving to race. Yes, of course they love speed, but it is not the main reason to why they buy a specific motorcycle. They regard that the emotional value is the more important factor in buying dicision. They came from established economy status with mature age which are able to decide which motorcycle is worthy to buy and which one is not.

Yamaha Motors Indonesia need to challenge their own creativity to the limit in preparing the more personal and emotional marketing campaign.

Let’s see if they can or can not. Time will tell.



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