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How To Increase Your Yamaha FZ16/FZ S Byson Performance (Part 2) 20 June 2013

Posted by The Naked Rider in Artikel.


(read part 1 here)

For that reason there are several less extreme techniques we could apply to increase engine power at least up to 1-2 HP, without changing engine original characteristic so that more saver for daily use.

1. Adopting a free-flow muffler. Byson’s original muffler has been designed to meet the international emission standard to make it so much eco-friendly. To meet that standard it apply a cataliytic converter to filter any harmful gases or materials leave by engine combustion. This filter will influence the flow of emission and affect the engine performance so that the application of any type of free flow muffler will surely increase the performance up to 0,25 HP. But the weakness are that the emission will be more harmful and the sound will be more noisy compare to the original ones.

2. Using aftermarket CDI (capacitor discharge ignition). Byson’s CDI is designed to limit engine rotation up to 9000 rpm. The limited rotation surely will hold the vehicle from achieving top speed. There many aftermarket CDI available which was claimed to have no limiter or higher limiter which means that engine rotation could up to 1100 rpm that will affect the top speed. But you need to make some consideration before making any CDI swap. As we know, CDI as a spark plugs ignition controller and it have close relations with ignition coil as a high voltage current converter. You might need to be informed about the compatibility since some aftermarket CDI will work well with original coil and others will not so that will need to change coil as well. So, ask to the seller regarding this before choosing and making any purchasing.

3. Changing the carburetor to more conventional venturi carburetor. Byson’s original carburetor adopting vacuum type (constant velocity carburetor) which is fuel efficient but have much less spontaneous effect to spray fuel fume toward engine chamber. This because the fuel fume only sprayed if in vacuum condition resulting from piston motion. This will be different with venturi carburetor which will spray the fuel fume if we twist the throttle even though piston is not moving. That’s why venturi crab is more responsive compare to vacum carburetor. There are several carbureror types would be suitable to Byson which is also have bigger diameter than existing ones (26mm) such as Keihin PE 28 (Honda NSR’s 22mm carb) or Yamaha RX series 28 mm carburetor to ensure more power.

But I suggest you to put several things into consideration before making any changes. For an instance the original PE 28 carburetor is very expensive and the swap process is a tricky process regarding several things. Since this is a 2-stroke engine carburetor and has different size its will need some adjustment to be proper installed. For an instance and some parts like acceleration cable should be self made by modifying other type of cable to be fit perfectly after the carb installed. It should be cut and make a knot manually from thread and glue. So, if you are type of person who is very much eager to take the challenge, feel free to do this technique and you will experience much better acceleration. This technique although it will increase the power, it will consume more fuel.

4. Porting and polishing the intake and exhaust manifold. As we now, every cylinder have intake and exhaust manifold to where fuel fume flowing inside and outside cylinder chamber. This intake or exhaust port is always a place where sharp edges and restriction to the flow are found. A basic porting project seeks to smooth those sharp edges so the flowing will be more smoothly. This is very delicate technique and should be done only by highly skilled mechanic recommended by fellow bikers to ensure that the quality of work is acceptable. This is the most difficult and delicate technique so don’t do it by yourself since the wrong doing will cause loss of power instead of good acceleration.

5. Reducing engine workload or weight. In the beginning I mentioned that acceleration will be determined by engine power and torque which are also influence by engine load and weight. Compared to other motorcycles in same class Byson weigh 10 kgs more. That’s why any additional in accessories i.e. the application bracket and luggage box or using oversize wheel and tire should be avoided. Using a bracket and its box will add at least 3 kgs to vehicle’s weigh and the using of over size wheel and tire will add extra engine load.



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