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How To Increase Your Yamaha FZ16/FZ S Byson Performance (Part 1) 19 June 2013

Posted by The Naked Rider in Artikel.

Dear readers, I got a response from bro Bobby on my previous article which he was keen to have some tips to increase his Yamaha F16/FZ S (Byson) acceleration. Considering that many readers especially Byson owner may find this subject interesting, I decided to lift this subject as my next article. Hoping this will be useful.
In my opinion Byson with this humble 150 cc 14PS engine power is quite strong but relatively not strong enough for a reason. Since I lived in suburb area which often came across to many trucks and buses I understand that powerful acceleration to overtake these big vehicles could save lives. So, for those who have same situation as mine need to have their Byson’s acceleration increased.

Before be continued, we need to agree on something to have mutual understanding regarding what is the meaning of powerful acceleration.

In common term, the acceleration is determined by engine power (often measured by HP, BHP, kW or PS), meaning engine ability to generate pure power to achieve top speed and torque, meaning engine ability to create torsion to accelerate motorcycle over the weight and workload.

In simple understanding, we could increase Byson’s acceleration by increasing its engine power and torque and also optimising its torque by reducing engine workload.

If we simply just wishing to reduce the workload and to make the acceleration more responsive we could make a simple adjustment to optimise the torsion. Let’s make some illustration with a bicycle. In common bicycle there are 2 set of gears in front and back to distribute power from pedal to wheel via chain. Take notice that when facing the uphill road the rider will change gear by shifting the back gear to a bigger gear or to smaller front gear to ease the biker load effort. This principle is also apply in motorcycle. To optimise engine torque and to have more responsive acceleration you can change the sprocket gear (original have 14-teeth gear in front and 40-teeth gear in back).
There are gears in the market I found fit to be used as plug and play with Byson’s wheel size. Either you can change just only the back gear to Yamaha Vixion’s (42-teeth gear) or changing both front and back sprocket gear to Yamaha Jupiter’s front gear (15-teeth) and Yamaha Scorpio’s back gear (44-teeth).

Changing the gears will guarantee you to get very much responsiveness you need in low rpm. But this technique will also reduce the top speed a little bit. If you are not speeding freak and satisfy enough by 100 kph top speed, you could use this technique. But if you need more power, torsion and speed, use another techniques as I explained below .

The most quickest and extremist technique to lift up the engine power and torque is to increase the cylinder volume (bore-up technique) and to increase the engine compression (stroke-up technique). In bore up technique, the diameter of engine cylinder is widened to be fitted to a bigger piston. We can increase its volume to 160 cc (by using the old Honda GL160 Mega Pro’s piston), 200 cc (by using Honda GL 200 Tiger’s piston), or to the extremist 225 cc by using Yamaha Scorpio’s piston. Aside of that, we also could increase the engine compression by stroke up technique by shortened the distance between piston’s top dead center and bottom dear center by applying the aftermarket racing camshaft, piston rod and using a special piston with high surface (the old Honda Mega Pro apply this kind of piston). This bore up and stroke up technique may increase Yamaha F16 Byson’s performance to at least by 3-4 HP.

This bore up and stroke up techniques could spontaneously increase engine power and torque so that top speed and acceleration will very much improved. But this techniques will also raise the temperature beyond normal so that will shortened its parts life as well as this techniques consume more fuel to worsen the fuel efficiency.

In my opinion you need to make some considerations before you decide to bore-up or stroke-up yours Byson. This techniques should not be applied if your Byson is your only motorcycle and you use it every day to work or else. Too bad bros since you may regret this. But if you have another motorcycle and you will use your Byson for optimum riding pleasure you may apply this (to be continued in Part 2).



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3. manu mungar - 3 March 2014

hi i need some help, i have an FZ 16 and 1 want to to put the full dagrex daytona racing part on my motocycle but i didn’t found any site where i can buy it. can someone please help ??

sebin fernandez - 19 February 2016

there are agencies around India which provides Daytona kits for both R15 and FZ16…I’ll post the links about agencies around india…


juz go thru this website to know more about Daytona kits and what they are doing with your 150cc beast

4. chiranjiv paikra - 27 March 2016

thanks for such a great suggestions….

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