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What to take and pack for motorbike touring? 29 April 2013

Posted by The Naked Rider in Artikel.

Lots of unpleasant events may occur on touring because of bikers unpreparedness in dealing with various riding situations. For an instance, eating. In Indonesia,  it’s very common for you to eat whatever foods you could find during the ride that sometimes not too hygienic. So that there would be a great chance for you to catch stomached or diarrhea. Off course, it will be a very unpleasant journey if you are not prepare yourself with necessary tablets.

Because of that, things or gears should be prepared in accordance to the assessment regarding which risks that you might face during the ride. The more risks you could identify, the more stuffs you have to pack along your gears. Remember, your safety and comfort depend on your preparedness level. Never feeling too precautious to take lots of gears because if something bad happen, you already be prepared.

For the purpose, we should identify what risks that might occur so that we could decide which to take to mitigate those risks. This assessment is made with assumptions that you ride in group in Pulau Sumatera or Jawa and this is an overnight riding.



General category



1. Riding in the rain

2-piece raining gear (never use 1-piece raining coat because it worsen your riding comfort. Aside of that it’s very dangerous since it could fly and stuck in your wheel)


2. Mechanical breakdown

Small plastic rope to drag your bike. It would be faster and more practical to drag it to the nearest repair shop rather than try to fix it by your own, especially in remote area. It’s  time consuming, unless you are skilled mechanic.


3. Dead sparkplug

sparkplug opener, spare sparkplug


4. Stopping in the night

Flash light


5. Low battery cell phone

Charger/mobile charger(see my previous  article)


6. Lots of dust and dirt

Balaclava/bandanna. IMHO, balaclava is more practical and comfort to use than bandanna


Safety, healthiness and sanitary category



1. Minor accident

First aid kit (in common dispensary, sold in handy package), proper standard full-face helmet, riding jacket, knees and elbows protector, proper riding boot


2. Diarrhea

Norit/Diapet (or other diarrhea tablets)


3. Headache

Neuralgin in silver package (IMHO it won’t make you sleepy)


4. Allergic condition

CTM/Incidal  or any antihistamin tablets (never to use while riding because it makes you very sleepy)

5. Dust get in to your eyes

Visine/Rohto or just plain clean water to wash your eyes

6. Daily sanitary

Self sanitary/bathing tools, tissue (it’s a essential, to remove dirt, for an instance: your dirty visor or helmet)

7. Daily fitness

Vitamin C (i.e. vitalong C to maintain your condition and stamina), Vitamin B (i.e. white or pink neurobion to ease your sore muscles)

8. Sunray stroke

Sun block, sunglasses

  Other stuffs category

  1.       Easy-to-use camera

  2.       Multipurpose folding knife

  3.       A wrench to fasten any bolts might get loosen during the ride

  4.       A proper plastic bottled drink water

At last, the more you know yourself and your own motorbike, the more you can prepare additional stuffs needed.  For an example, if your bike have ever experience a broken cable (throttle or clutch) in the past, you need to take the spare cables, just in case.

Remember once again, your own safety and comfort depend on your preparedness. Be prepared, then.



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