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How to Install Mobile Charger Slot On Your Bike 17 April 2013

Posted by The Naked Rider in Artikel.

(baca versi bahasa Indonesia)

I had unpleasant experience when took a long motor ride to Lampung Province, Sumatera last year. The time-consuming journey and unconsidered use of cell phone exploits the battery to make it empty very fast. Unfortunately I haven’t got a chance to use my travel charger since the tight riding schedule.

But, soon luckily I could manage to had my cell phone charged on the crossing ferry between Jawa and Sumatera, but had to pay Rp. 5K for the services. It’s cheap alright, but I am thinking it will be more practical if I have the mobile charger slot installed on my Yamaha FZ16 Byson especially if I ride with tight schedule and never got a chance to stop on any place to charge my phone. I should install one.

Time goes by unnoticeable. Sometime ago I went to ACE Hardware store to buy something. Suddenly my eye catches a mobile charger connector slot. Aha, at last I found it, by coincidence!

To make the installment easy the connector charger is made very simple. It have two charger slots and equipped with 2 rubber seals to prevent it from water pouring in when it’s raining or being washed. The slots have only 2 plus and minus cable.

Before I install, I bought a nice fuse from the closest store to be installed with the slots. The fuse is very effective to prevent any damages should short circuit accidents or any highly unstable power happen.

After connecting the fuse with the plus cable now I need to connect it to the battery. Plus cable to battery’s positive post and minus cable to it’s negative post.

The fuse is connected to plus cable and then battery’spositive post


After the connection secured with tight bolts, turn the key on, plug the mobile charger and the phone. The charging indicate its charging. After that I disconnect the phone and start the bike and replug the phone. The charging indicator is on and its charging.

Finally, I search for the best spot on my bike to install the plugs and installed it. Now the installment is done.

The charger is ready

Bekasi Timur-20130303-00084

BTW, I strongly recommend not to plug the phone when starting the bike, just in case there as unstable high power occur that could damage your fragile phone.


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